where have i been?

well ive had another baby, he is now 9 months old, I’ve been juggling self employed ness, pregnancy, home birth, breast feeding , lots of babywearing, calderdale veg*ans, my recipe testing site, 2 vegan kids, a non vegan husband, a semi social life and finding out I appear to have a gluten sensitivitey (both my son and i have had massive nasty eczema flare ups)
so prepare to see a lot os stuff about natural things ive been putting in my bath and the babies bath, and going wheat free, then gluten free and working out what the hell im allergic to.. the list seems to increase every day its getting crazy over here.

anyway.. my eczema was so bad i had a huge open wound on my leg, on my left shin and awful eczema on my arms, legs, head, face, neck, back, lower back, top of thighs. I have always had severe eczema but this was crazy. The docs “sigh” gave me 3 lots of antibiotics, 2 lots of fluclox which i told them didnt work on me and 1 week of cephalaxin.. this cleared up some of the weeping  (which i knew was infection),  but none of the eczema. after 30 years of doing what i was told and trying some  mainstream alternative therapy such as chinese herbs homeopathy going vegan and using all the creams i had been told to diprabase, eumaavte, betnovate, betnovate N and then rying to come off steroids onto 1% hydracrotisones 2 months before my massive flare i was fed up . i was determined to not have acrylic nails done again.Acrylic nails stop me scratching for a week or two allowing the areas to heal. But they are ful of chemicals and expensive to upkeep. also depending of the skill of the nail tech sometimes they arent done thick enough to actually stop me scratching.

anyways.. id reached the end of my tether. things worked for a day or so then stopped working. So i decided ti try al hippy stuff starting with magnesium baths salts,  which appeared to work for 2 days, then i decdided to add ACV to my bath following reading about a stufy where bleach was put in baths of children and their eczmea cleared up immensely as it was killing off the staph and strep on the skin. i was loking for a kind a hippy version to this. iw as then adding lavender oil to my bath and on my open large wounds neat. Then i added oil to my bath as well in this case balnuem soya oil from the doctors. and then i tried a dermasilk perscription. great during the day rubbish at night, i simply take the dermasilk off. Now during this time, mine wasnt getting worse but my sons was clearing up! it was a miracle! he didnt scratch vicously after every bath and when we changed him.

becase my eczema  wasnt getting better i decided to try wheat free for a week. within 3 days my skin had improved vastly. i had normal textred skin instead of dry bumpy and rashy, i still had wounds, but they started coming together and healing, instead of weeping. all was great and my breastfed boy was getting much better too.

But then.. i was stupid. i missed bread.. i went a bit mad and had a spelt loaf with my husband and half a pitta within 2 days. that night i was so itchey, this has gradually increased and texture of my skin decreased in quality in the 3 days following it, i also bloated up like i was pregant when i ate it and had a bit of a weird bum if you get my drift.

I am booked in at the doctors with the kids to look at immunolgy now given that i appear to have developed a gluten intolerence, i have a dairy intolerence and have developed an egg allergy, have a pre existing nut, nectarine, yellow melon, fresh cherry, latex and eurythmycin allergy i think i need to see a specialist. I’ve been to A & e way too many times in past 6 months.

My daughter has a weak area, its her bum, i know she is poorley before any other symptom becuase she consistently has a pooey bum, my boy is atpoic with eczema so im starting to thing from research ive looked at these symptoms are all linked to wheat intolerence/ celiac including allergies to other foods.
as You can see ive been a busy bunny.. i have an appointment with the consultant for an operation to stretch my throat due to strictures caused by GERD.. surprise suprise! this is also linked to wheat. I wish i had know this 30 years ago. so prepare for gluten free vegan baby friendly recipes which i am just getting my head around.

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new and improved fried(but baked) vegan chicken recipe

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cheated a bit with this recipe and used a pre made coating mix for my seitan, ill be working on that recipe another time. The pre made coating mix consisted of flour and seasonings like celery salt and cayenne. I only dipped the seitan in coating quite lightly. my husband says that the internal texture is more chicken nuggety rather than fried chicken, they have a very light texture

For the seitan:

wet ingredients:

1 ½ cups pinto beans

2 tablespoons of olive oil (optional)

1 veg stock cube (or equivalent of bouillon)

1 heaped teaspoon garlic powder

2 heaped teaspoons onion powder

1 heaped teaspoon paprika

1 heaped teaspoon dried oregano

½ teaspoon dried basil

1 cup cold water

¼ cup boiling water

dry ingredients:

1 cup vital wheat gluten

¼ cup nutritional yeast

2 teaspoons dried easy blend yeast (the yeast that does NOT need to be mixed with warm water)

shop bought or home-made fried chicken coating

low fat cooking spray

sieve the vital wheat gluten to rid of any lumps, mix remainder of dry ingredients together.

in a food processor blend the wet ingredients together until no lumps remain.

Add the wet ingredients to the dry mix well and knead for 5 mins. This should result in a very moist sticky dough.

Leave dough to rise for 2hrs, it will get quite a bit larger.

Preheat oven to gas mark 7

pull off chunks of dough and dip in shop bought fried chicken coating, and place on a mesh chip tray or a pizza tray with holes in sprayed with low fat cooking spray. spray the seitan chunks with low fat cooking spray.

Place the coated chicken on the baking tray and bake for approximately 25- 30mins turning halfway until the seitan is firm and golden.

Can be frozen and reheated.

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vegan fried “chickn” (baked not fried and oil free)

I took inspiration from this you tube instructional

i dont have a deep fat fryer and i am on a diet.
the first batch i made of this vegan chicken came out tooo spicy for my tastes, the second batch came out perfect. this is a good base recipe to add different flavours to.

you are going to need a mesh or perforated tray to get the Chickn crispy like one of these:

preheat oven gas mark 7

in a large mixing bowl seive
1 cup of vital wheat gluten
add 1 heaped teaspoon fast acting yeast
2 heaped tsps of garlic powder
2 heaped tsps of onion powder
1 heaped tsp taco seasoning
1/2 tsp (or to taste) red pepper flakes
1/2 tsp pepper
1 tsp boullion or 1 veg stock cube
1 tablespoon sage
2 tsps thymme

mix all dry ingredients togther until well combined, slowly add warm water to combine into a slightly sticky dough (not too sticky or it will stick to baking sheet and fall through the mesh)

leave in warm place for about 2 hours

pull off chunks of dough and stretch out a little, placing on baking mesh, spray with fry light. bake for 20 minutes and flip pieces half way through
voila, freezes very well too

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recipe for helping constipated babies

my little one is a bit bunged up at the moment, this usually due to starting solids, so im cutting back the amount of solids ive been giving her and increasing breast milk and water.

she had a breakfast of 3 prunes soaked in apple juice then mashed a bit in the food processor mixed with some pureed pear. I also gave her diluted apple juice with filtered water, hopefully that will help her get things moving. I will be giving her dinner tonight but no lunch and an extra breast milk feed here and there.

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