protein and carbs

I’m always harping on about protein and carbs.  I read somewhere that mixing protein and carbs fills you up for longer.  It really seems to work. I am one of those people who seems to be constantly hungry.  I’m a massive fan of toast and a self confessed jam addict. So how do I work these two naughty things together to make something that is diet friendly? I make fruit sandwiches.  The main breakfast sandwich I make consists of 2 pieces of wholemeal toast one spread with a small amount of margarine and the other spread with a small amount of pineapple jam.  Slice up a banana pop in the middle and on your go = protein and carbs and full until at least 11 am (I eat at 7am).  A variation of this was 1 banana sliced, 1 peach diced, small spread of vitalite and a teaspoon of freedom fruit syrup  the rich dark one which tastes like honey. Yum Yum. Other ways to max your protein and carbs: scrambled tofu on bread, granola with fruit and soya yog, rice and beans, baked potatoes and beans, egg and chips (make tem low fat chips) mushy peas and veggie fingers.  Just found out birds eye veggie fingers are vegan! Winner! Essentially the whole protein and carbs thing allows you to eat some food that is relatively not diet friendly.  By mixing the two foods together you are fuller for longer.  Also the protein reduces the GI of the carbs. 


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