luxury mushroom soup


1 tablespoon margerine (optional)

1 tablespoon olive oil (optional) you can use low fat cooking spray

mushrooms (any type really i used about 250g)  chopped

2 small or one large leek chopped

1 large potatoe peeled and chopped into dice

1 vegetable stock cube or 1 teapsoon boullion

2 cloves garlic

300ml water

3 tablespoons soy yogurt

50ml soy milk


fry the potatoes and leeks in the butter and olive oil for 5 minutes.  add the mushrooms and garlic and saute for a further 5 mins.

add the stock cube/ boullion and hot water, bring to the boil and simmer for 20mins, until potatoes are tender.  let cool for 10- 15 mins.

place in blender and blend until silky smooth. add the yogurt and soy milk and blend for a further 20 seconds. return to the pan.

serve with home made bread recipe here

and garnish the soup with parsley


2 thoughts on “luxury mushroom soup

  1. Thanks Lou St. for helping with the recipe, it was easy as can be, smelled so good while coooking and tasted sooooooooooo good , I ate it with some crusty bread..very very good!

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